2000 VersaTip™ Gas Torch

The cordless 6 in 1 gas torch. The perfect tool for soldering, melting, shrinking, pyrography, hot cutting, and paint removing. The only soldering iron that combines a multitude of applications in one tool, thanks to its ability to use 6 interchangeable tips.

  • Superior burning and soldering capabilities
  • Five different design tips provide maximum versatility
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2000 VersaTip™ Gas Torch

  • One tool for six different applications
  • Powered by liquid butane gas for use anywhere, anytime
  • Very short heat-up time and quick recharge
  • Child safety lock mechanism
  • Precision flame allows for detailed and intricate work
  • Variable temperature setting lets you select the right temperature for your project
  • Two-year warranty


  • VersaTip™ Gas Torch
  • Cutting Tip
  • Soldering Tip
  • Hot Knife
  • Flat, Wide Flame Head
  • Reflector
  • Hot Blower Head
  • Soldering Tin with Blue cap
  • Soldering Sponge and Sponge Box

2000 VersaTip™ Gas Torch

  • BURN TIME: 30 - 60 min
  • IGNITION: Piece
  • WEIGHT: 1.3 lb

2000 VersaTip™ Gas Torch

2000 VersaTip™ Gas Torch

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2000 VersaTip™ Gas Torch

2000 VersaTip™ Gas Torch

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