568 Grout Removal Attachment

Get the grout out and make re-grouting a breeze. With our grout removal attachment, you can turn your favorite Dremel rotary tool into a powerful, electric grout removal machine. Best of all, the attachment's unique shape keeps the bit at the perfect cutting angle – and keeps it centered between the tiles.

  • Can be used on wall and floor grout
  • Depth adjustment available up to 3/8 inch below the tile surface
  • Durable grout removal tool features a strong carbide bit
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568 Grout Removal Attachment

  • 30° cutting angle provides controlled cutting along the grout line
  • Special guides keep the bit centered between tiles
  • Large window provides excellent visibility for better control
  • Depth adjustment controls cutting depth up to 3/8" below the tile surface
  • Removes both wall and floor grout


  • Grout Removal attachment
  • 569 1/16" Carbide Grout Removal Bit
  • Instructions

568 Grout Removal Attachment

    568 Grout Removal Attachment

    568 Grout Removal Attachment



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    568 Grout Removal Attachment

    568 Grout Removal Attachment

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