670-01 Mini Saw Attachment

The 670 mini saw attachment is a unique, innovative rotary tool accessory that allows you to cut through wood and wood-like materials as never before. Attaches to the rotary tool in seconds and makes clean, straight, perpendicular cuts up to ¼-inch thick. Can be used for DIY projects, hobbies, crafts and modeling.

  • Quick Connect system allows you to install or remove your circular saw attachment in seconds.
  • Angled throat allows for straight, perpendicular cuts, and clear housing offers better visibility.
  • Directional guide indicates direction and line of cut.
  • Retractable lower guard helps ensure safety when the saw attachment is not in use.
    • Quick connect attach system
    • Make clean, straight perpendicular cuts up to 1/4 In. thick
    • Clear housing provides better visibility
    • Lower guard retracts when not in use to ensure safety
    • Full-length magnetic strip

  • Mini Saw attachment
  • Rip/Crosscut blade
  • Drive adapter
  • Instruction Manual
    * Model Number:670-01

    670-01 Mini Saw Attachment

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