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115 High Speed Cutter

Get the 115 high-speed cutter – a versatile, high-quality cutter made of high-grade steel for use on wood, plastic and soft metals.

  • Two 115 high-speed bits per pack
  • Great for cutting on curved surfaces
  • Turns Dremel rotary tools into high-speed cutting tools


  • Ideal for shaping, hollowing, grooving, slotting, inlaying and making tapered holes
  • For use in soft metals, plastics and woods especially on curved surfaces
  • Use the sides of the cutter (rather than the tip) for effective cutting
  • Use higher speeds for hard woods, slower speeds for metals and very slow speeds for plastics


  • BIT DIAMETER MM: 7.9 mm

Tool Kit Options

This tool is available as part of a kit.

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