A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide

The Dremel Sanding/Grinding Guide™ improves precision and control on a variety of tasks by providing the support and stability needed for an accurate job. The Guidepoints work surface features flat and angled areas to enable sanding and grinding at both 90 and 45 degrees. For added functionality and convenience, the Dremel sanding and grinding guide attachment is adjustable up to 1/2 In. in height.

  • Grinding and sanding guide can stabilize handheld tools or serve as a work platform when tools are mounted in a secure position
  • Works with a wide range of Dremel handheld rotary tools
  • Get greater stability by using the sanding guide attachment's platform feature
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A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide

  • Increased control during sanding and grinding applications
  • Platform provides greater stability during edge sanding and sharpening
  • Adjustable depth control for a precise finish
  • Fits tool model 4000, 400, 398, 395, 300, 285, 275, 200, 100, 8200, 800, 780


  • Sanding/Grinding Guide
  • 407 1/2" 60 Grit Sanding Drum with Mandrel
  • 932 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
  • Instructions

A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide

  • WEIGHT: 0.2

A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide

A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide



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A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide

A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide

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