A550 Shield Rotary Attachment

The Dremel rotary shield attachment provides a clear and simple solution for redirecting debris and sparks away from the user without interfering with the task at hand. The tool shield can be used with right- or left-hand grip positions and works to deflect debris on a variety of applications, including cutting, sanding, grinding and polishing. The shield can be quickly adjusted into position, provides easy access to the accessory without interfering with the workpiece.

  • Compact debris shield is easy to store and easy to use
  • Attaches in place of the nose piece
  • Helps improve safety when working on projects
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A550 Shield Rotary Attachment

  • Redirects sparks – increased comfort from debris and sparks during cutting, grinding, sanding, and polishing applications
  • Easy to use design – spring friction design allows for quick adjustment and accessibility to accessory
  • Compact size– does not interfere with the workpiece as it redirects debris and sparks
  • Clear and simple solution


  • A550 Shield Rotary Attachment
  • EZ402 Mandrel
  • EZ456 1 1/2" Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel
  • 428 3/4" Carbon Steel Brush
  • 8193 5/8" Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
  • Instructions
User Tips
  • Attaches onto a rotary tool in place of its nose piece for quick and easy installation

A550 Shield Rotary Attachment

    A550 Shield Rotary Attachment

    A550 Shield Rotary Attachment

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    A550 Shield Rotary Attachment

    A550 Shield Rotary Attachment

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