A577 Detailer’s Grip Attachment

The handy Dremel Detailer’s Grip attachment is a quick and easy to use extra support for any rotary tool having a threaded nose piece. The Detailer’s Grip transfers the weight of the tool to the palm of your hand for improved tool balance and control. Featuring soft grip on the handle for added comfort and an angled bottom to allow the user to get closer to the work, the Detailer’s Grip is especially useful when you need to grip a rotary tool like a pencil for precise work during engraving, carving, etching and polishing applications.

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A577 Detailer’s Grip Attachment

  • Offers enhanced grip and comfort for detailed applications
  • Provides optimal tool control when precision is required
  • Repositions the weight of the tool into the palm of your hand for a balanced feel and less fatigue
  • Attaches onto a rotary tool in place of its nose piece for quick and easy installation


  • Detailer’s Grip Attachment
  • 107 Engraving Cutter
  • Tracing Stencil
  • Instructions

A577 Detailer’s Grip Attachment

  • USED ON MODEL NO.: 4200, 4000, 400, 300, 3000, 8220, 8200, 8100, 800, 398, 395, 285, 200, 275, 100

A577 Detailer’s Grip Attachment

A577 Detailer’s Grip Attachment



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A577 Detailer’s Grip Attachment

A577 Detailer’s Grip Attachment

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