EZ Drum™ Mandrel

The Dremel EZ Drum™ mandrel makes sanding band changes easy as pull-place-secure. The one-piece drum mandrel design streamlines the process of changing sanding bands and makes it easy to sand flat surfaces and edges.

  • Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools
  • Sanding drum mandrel simplifies flat and edge sanding
  • Fast and easy to install, saving you time on projects
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EZ Drum™ Mandrel

  • Provides a quicker and easier alternative to using a traditional sanding mandrel
  • Allows for flat sanding and edge sanding
  • Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools
  • Compatible with all Dremel 1/2" sanding bands (408, 432, 445)


  • EZ407SA EZ Drum Mandrel
  • 408 1/2" Sanding Drum

EZ Drum™ Mandrel

  • BIT DIAMETER MM: 12.7 mm

EZ Drum™ Mandrel

EZ Drum™ Mandrel

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EZ Drum™ Mandrel

EZ Drum™ Mandrel

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