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Discover many new projects for you to get your hands on from home maintenance to car care to general and seasonal home decoration.
Get step-by-step guidance and find tons of new uses for your tools.

Anouk Wipprech working on hers project

Makers from all over the world

At Dremel we love connecting with Makers worldwide who share their talent and passion using our tools. Get to know some of the Makers who use Dremel tools for creating exciting and innovative DIY projects in restoration, upcycling and repurposing. Fashion, art and car restoration are just a few project areas our Makers are actively involved in using our tools.

How to re-use old baskets for outdoor basket lights

Basket Lights

Re-use old baskets to create a cozy look to your outdoor hang-out!

How to design and make a stylish bookshelf

Stylish Bookshelf

Let us show you how to design and make a stylish bookshelf in wood and metal simply and fast, in just a few steps, with the right Dremel® tool. It will be a highlight in every living room, study and reading corner.

Follow the steps to clean and polish your bike’s derailleur

How to Clean and Polish Your Bike’s Rear Derailleur

Take a look at our clear and clever guide on how to clean and polish your bike’s rear derailleur with Dremel. Your bike will thank you for it!

How to create Japanese cherry blossom cushions

Japanese Cherry Blossom Cushions

Create some lovely cherry blossom cushions to brighten up your sofa.

Custom engraving on glass

Etch glass coasters

Turn glass coasters into something unique and make them a personalised, handmade gift for friends or family.

How to upcycle ceramic mugs

Craft your own tealight holders

Give your home a cosy feel with these beautiful tealight holders. Make your tealight holders unique and enjoy the peaceful flicker of candlelight shine through these designs. Create the perfect gift using the Dremel 3000 for your loved ones all year round.

How to create a wooden snake jigsaw puzzle

Create a wooden snake jigsaw puzzle

How to customize kids t-shirts

Customise kids' t-shirts

Homemade engraved jewellery

Engrave jewellery

Jewellery is a wonderful handmade gift for friends and family. Learn how to use your Dremel Multi-Tool to create unique jewellery for your loved ones.

How to create a centerpiece for your festive table

Create this amazing centerpiece for your festive table…

How to engrave a leather bag

Step-by-step guide to Engraving leather bag

Do you love all things DIY and interior? Watch how Jelena uses the Dremel Stylo+ to engrave a leather bag. Learn how to perfect your skills using the included accessories to create a beautiful finish to your personalised bag!

Create an herb solarium

Create an Herb Solarium

Begin starter plants early this season or keep fresh herbs in your kitchen year-round with this reflective, water-retaining table-top solarium.


Our tools can be used for multiple applications including

Engraving leather passport holder with Dremel Multi-Tool


Are you eager to start engraving? On your way to becoming an advanced engraver?

Carving wooden spoon with Dremel Multi-Tool and Multi-vise


Are you interested in trying out wood carving, on your way to becoming an advanced carver or are you already a master in carving wood?

Using Dremel Plunge Router 335 to rout lines into wood


Would you like to try your hand at improving or decorating your home, and creating handy gadgets, by discovering a bit more about routing?

Cutting wood with Dremel Multi-Tool and Dremel accessories


Have you decided you’d like to try your hand at improving your home by learning more about cutting?

Using Dremel Glue Gun 940 to fix skirting boards


Maybe you’ve tried working with a hot melt glue gun in the past, but you’ve not quite mastered it, or you’re a complete beginner.

Sanding wood with a Dremel Multi tool and a sanding accessory


Whether you’ve never picked up sandpaper, or you consider yourself a dab hand with the Dremel Multi-Tool, we’re here to help.


Everyone has their own way of being creative. Meet our makers.

Profile image of Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht

Fashion and technology. At a first glance they seem opposites of each other. When you look at the creations made by Anouk you can see they go hand-in-hand.

Dremel Maker Daan Borsje

Daan Borsje

Meet Daan Borsje, owner of Moto Adonis. Daan has been specializing in building and designing customs bikes since 2012.

Dremel maker Justin Brooker

Justin Brooker

Want to learn more about Justin and the hand engraving work he does? Take a look at these videos to get to know Justin better. He tells you tips on the types of material to use and best techniques to achieve intricate and personal engraved projects.