How to Make a Toy for your Pet Rabbit

Rabbit with a new toy created with Dremel tools
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Rabbits love playing, jumping, chewing, hiding and even throwing things! The best way to keep your pet rabbit healthy and happy is by giving them thrilling toys to play with, so they can display all their natural behaviours. Your bunny will love this homemade activity roller – and it’s easy to make, too. Just follow the straightforward steps in this Dremel tutorial and you’ll master this DIY pet project without a hitch. Added extra: you’ll learn how to cut, drill, rout and sand using your Dremel Multi-Tool. Go on, create a pet gift to be proud of.

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Draw 2 circles for the rabbit toy’s base and top onto the wood

Six small circles are drawn onto the wood of the rabbit toy’s base using a protractor

You need:

This exciting DIY pet project starts with a simple straight line. Draw it onto the piece of wood in pencil, using a protractor as a guide. Place a compass point on the line and draw a circle with an 8 cm diameter. Draw a 6 cm circle inside the 8 cm circle. Now place the protractor on the line and mark the inner circle every 60 degrees with the pencil to create 6 equidistant marks on the wood. Flip the protractor halfway through to mark the other half of the circle. Now draw 6 circles, the same diameter as the dowel, with your compass using the marks as the centre. Repeat the process to create a second 8 cm circle. That’s the maths bit over with!


Rout the holes for the DIY rabbit toy’s wooden bars

With a Dremel 4000 Multi-Tool inserted into a Plunge Router (652), holes are being routed into the wood

You need:

Let’s create the holes for the wooden bars. Firstly, using 2 Dremel Multi-Vise (2500) clamps, securely attach the plank to a work surface. Unscrew the Dremel Multi-Tool’s nose cap, insert a 4.8 mm Router Bit (652) and screw it tight. Secure the Multi-Tool into the Plunge Router, then set the correct depth. Now get your protective gear on – ear protectors, goggles and dust mask – and you’re ready to rout. Carefully plunge the routing bit into the wood and rout the 6 small holes one at a time.


Cut out the wooden circles for the rabbit toy’s base and top

A Dremel 4000, combined with a Line and Circle Cutter (678) and a Spiral Multipurpose Cutting Bit (561), is used to cut out the rabbit toy’s base

You need:

Insert a 3 mm Drill Bit (636) and, with your safety gear still on, drill a superficial hole in the middle of the 2 large circles, just deep enough to fit the Line and Circle Cutter’s centrepiece. Drill a second hole for each circle, just outside the outer line, all the way through the wood. Replace the Drill Bit with the Spiral Multipurpose Cutting Bit (561). Attach the Line and Circle Cutter (678) and place it onto the wood: drop the centrepiece into the circle’s centre and the Cutting Bit through the drilled hole on the outline. Slowly start cutting while spinning the cutter around its central axis.


Cut the wooden dowel into equal lengths

Clamp the dowel in a Multi-Vise (2500), then cut into bars of equal length with the help of a Dremel 4000, EZ SpeedClic Mandrel (SC402) and Wood Cutting Wheel (SC544)

You need:

It’s time to move on to the bars of your pets toy. Using a pencil and protractor, mark up the dowel at 9 cm intervals to create 6 bars of equal length. Clamp a Multi-Vise (2500) to your workbench and place the marked-up dowel in its jaws. Feed an EZ SpeedClic Mandrel (SC402) into your Dremel, click the Wood Cutting Wheel (SC544) into place and switch on your Multi-Tool. Now carefully cut the wood along the marked lines. And with that, the toy for your rabbit is halfway done.


Sand the edges of all the wooden parts

Smoothing the parts of your wooden rabbit toy is easy thanks to Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic system: just click the Sanding Disc (SC411) into place and go!

You need:

Before you can surprise your pet rabbit with its new handmade toy, make sure you smooth all the wooden edges. You want your pet to be happy, not hurt! Click a Sanding Disc (SC411) onto the EZ SpeedClic Mandrel in your Dremel. Sand the edges of the base and top and both ends of each wooden bar. Wonderful, this will make your homemade rabbit toy look professional and feel smooth.


Assemble and glue together the toy for your bunny

A dab of glue in each routed hole will keep the bars of your DIY rabbit toy in place

You need:

In this step, the wooden toy for your pet rabbit will start to take shape. Place the wooden base circle flat on your worktop, routed side up. Apply a small drop of D2 wood glue into each routed hole before inserting the wooden bars. Place a jingle bell in between the bars, then apply glue into the holes of the wooden top and press it, holes down, onto the wooden bars to complete your bunny carousel. Well done, you are now officially a maker of small pets toys! There’s just one more step to take before your pet can have a go.


Allow the glue to dry

Clamping the pet gift in Dremel’s Multi-Vise (2500) while the glue dries will ensure a sturdy result

You need:

Once your pet gift is made, you’ll be itching to give it to your rabbit asap. It’s important, however, to let the glue dry properly first. For the sturdiest results, place the rabbit toy into the stand-alone clamp of the Multi-Vise (2500) and secure the jaws tightly. Now wait… After one hour, your handmade rabbit toy is robust and ready. Time to play with your pet!