How to Make Birch Wood Candle Holders

Natural DIY birch wood candle holders
  • Difficulty


Create birch wood candles holders to add natural, ambient light to your indoor garden using Dremel tools.

You need

Secure and cut your logs

Cutting Birch wood using a Dremel Circular Saw

You need:

To begin creating your natural, sustainable candle holders, clamp your birch wood logs secure to your workbench or table. It’s important to use the correct wood cutting tools for both precision and safety. Use a Dremel DSM20 Circular Saw and the Multipurpose Carbide Cutting Wheel (DSM500), cut your logs to the desired lengths you prefer. We chose to cut ours into different lengths to add a nice touch to our urban jungle.


Create a cavity

Drilling a hole into a birch wood log

You need:

Next using a drill and spade bit, bore a cavity into one end of each mini log to hold your candles in place. The depth of this cavity enough is to fit a tea light, ensure the flame sticks out at the top and does not make contact with the birch wood.


Clean and smooth the cavity

Cleaning hole in birch wood log with a Dremel 3000 and 114 high speed cutting bit.

You need:

After you’ve drilled the cavity into the logs, clean out the hollow with a Dremel Multi-Tool and High speed cutter 7, 8 mm (114).  Use the side of the cutter bit rather than the tip for effective and efficient wood removal. Want to experience the perfect, precision handheld wood cutter? Add the Dremel Detailer’s Grip (577) for more control and accuracy.


Add your candle

Placing a candle into a birch wood log candle holder.

You need:

Finally, to complete your candle holders insert a tea light candle into each of the divots in your birch wood. Ensure they sit in the holders safely and securely.  Well done! You have officially created natural birch wood candle holders to complement your indoor garden. Now sit back and enjoy the feeling of making your own sustainable, warm project.