How to Make Plant Markers

Dremel plant
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Sure, there are plenty of plant markers available to buy, but it’s much more fun to make your own. Whether you have a greenhouse, urban garden, or hanging garden, these copper markers are a great way to keep your plants organized – plus they’re stylish, easy to make and last for years. These DIY plant markers are perfect to dress up a balcony garden and the copper brings a cool, industrial vibe. All you need is a copper pipe and some handy Dremel tools, so why not get started on this fun urban garden project?

You need

Cut the pipe for your DIY plant markers

With the copper pipe clamped into a Dremel Multi-Vise (2500), cut it to size using a mini circular saw

You need:

Let’s get started! Grab your safety gear, then secure the copper pipe into a clamp, such as the Dremel Multi-Vise (2500). Use a mini circular saw to cut the copper pipe to the desired length. We’ve cut our markers to about 15 cm, but you can make yours any size. Flatten out the top of each copper marker using a hammer or squeeze it gently into shape using a vice.


Write plant names on the markers

Write the name of the herb, vegetable or plant onto the copper garden markers using a marker pen

You need:

Once your seeds have sprouted and your plants are starting to grow, it’s handy to know which plants or herbs are which. How? Simply label them! Practise writing the name of the herb, vegetable or plant onto a sheet of paper. Try different styles to see which would work best for your DIY plant markers. Once you got the hang of it, write the names onto the copper pipes using a marker pen. Great, you’re ready to start engraving!


Engrave the names onto the markers

Engrave the plant names onto the diy garden markers using a Dremel Multi-Tool, the Dremel Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577) and the High Speed Cutter 3.2 mm (194)

You need:

Your DIY garden plant markers are almost done! All that needs doing now is to engrave the names onto the copper plant markers. Simply mount the High Speed Cutter 3.2 mm (194) onto your trusty Dremel Multi-Tool. Using the Dremel Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577) will give you added control. Start engraving using your pen marks as a guide. Be careful not to cut all the way through the pipe – make sure to work at a low speed and use light strokes across your design. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining pen marks. Great job, your copper plant markers are ready to use!