How to Make a Rabbit House

Use your Dremel Multi-Tool to make a DIY Rabbit House
  • Difficulty


We love our pets and we love creating handmade things. With this DIY project it all comes together. Blogger Jess from created a personalised wooden cabin for her bunny Blanche by cutting, sanding and carving. Grab some wood and your Dremel tools to easily create this DIY rabbit house for your adorable, furry friend.


Measure and cut out the walls and roof

You need:

To start, trace the dimensions of each wall and the roof of the cabin onto a large board of soft wood and cut them out with a circular saw. For Blanche’s own bunny house we’ve used the following measures:

  • Roof: 43 x 24 cm
  • Walls: 40 x 30 cm twice, 21 x 30cm twice

Draw and cut out the windows and door

Use a Dremel Multi-Tool with the Multipurpose Cutting Guide (565) to easily cut out the shapes of your rabbit house.

You need:

Draw a few windows and the entrance on the wooden pieces. You can give it that extra touch by adding rounded corners or even cut out window shutters. Grab your Dremel® Multi-Tool and screw on the Multipurpose Cutting Guide (565) attachment to easily cut out the shapes of the windows and the door of your soon to be rabbit house. Turn on the multi-tool on a high speed, let the cutting bit sink into the material and smoothly guide it along the lines you drew. Let the tool do the work!


Smooth the edges

Use your Dremel Multi-Tool with Flexible Shaft (225) and sanding accessories to smooth the edges of the DIY Rabbit House

You need:

Get your sanding accessories out to make every edge as smooth as possible, leaving no splinters or rough edges. Are you in need of more flexibility and do you want to reach those tough places more easily? The Flexible Shaft (225) can help you out. Attach the shaft to your multi-tool, insert your sanding accessories and you’re good to go.


Personalise the Bunny House

Add some lovely details to your DIY Rabbit House with your Dremel Multi-Tool and wood carving bits.

You need:

Jess personalised the Bunny Hut by carving flowy lines and of course Blanche’s name. Replace the sanding bands for High Speed Cutters, ideal for wood carving, and you can start adding some lovely details. We advise to use High Speed Cutter 118 for thin lines and High Speed Cutters 192 or 114 if you’re aiming to remove more material to create thicker lines. Use the Flexible Shaft to hold your tool like a pen to have ultimate control and slowly glide over the wood.


Assemble the pieces

Add some lovely details to your DIY Rabbit House with your Dremel Multi-Tool and wood carving bits.

You need:

The final step towards a cosy new home for your rabbit. Apply some wood glue to the edges and stick the pieces together, following the instructions based on the glue you’re using. For some extra sturdiness you can add a few smaller nails where the edges connect. Make sure the nails are flush and even with the wood and that nothing is sticking out for the safety of your beloved pet. There you go, you just created a cute house for your even cuter bunny!