Upcycling pieces of slate into stylish coasters using Dremel Multi-Tool


If you’d like to lead a sustainable yet stylish life, upcycling is the way to go. By revamping unloved items into unique objects – an old chair into a towel rack for instance, or some wooden crates into a BBQ side table – you’ll instantly add flair to your home. Let yourself be inspired by Dremel’s simple step-by-step guides and informative yet inspiring video tutorials below. A sensible shopping list will advise you on all the tools you need to tap into the no-waste world of upcycling.

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How to Start

Learn the basics of engraving, cutting, routing, sanding, cleaning and polishing.

How to Avoid Failures

Working on a new upcycling project and eager to improve your skills? These guides will help you on your way.

How to Master

After watching these tutorials, you’re ready to take on any upcycling project.