Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Developed for creative makers, this range opens a world of possibilities for your next DIY project. It includes extensive tools and attachments, perfect for both professional and personal use.

Personalise your DIY projects

Personalise DIY projects and arts & crafts with Dremel tools

Craft yourself with Dremel

Collage of pyrography wooden animal figures with Dremel Versatip

Turn any material into Design pieces

The Dremel Arts & Crafts range can be applied to a wide variety of different day-to-day materials. Bring your paper craft to the next level with our glue gun. Work with glass to woodcraft, ceramics, cork, acrylic to metal, stone and more. Learn from these easy step-by-step projects how to create unique special gifts with the creative DIY tools. Get crafting!

Crafting without limits

Make your home a place of inspiration with home craft ideas! Gift your beloved ones with something special. Complete your everyday look to match your inner crafter. With Dremel, you can tackle all your art and craft ideas. Revamp and upcycle old jars, picture frames and mugs into trendy decoration, personalise leather tags and wallets with your engraving or design your own hand-made jewellery. Amaze everyone with your astonishing DIYs!

Collage of Dremel Arts & Crafts Multi-Tools and Compact Tools

The Crafter's choice

Introducing the new Arts & Crafts range by Dremel. Explore the crafters’ must have’s from multi-tools to glue guns and butane tools. There is a tool for all creative applications including cutting, engraving, polishing, pyrography, soldering and much more! Unleash your inner DIY’er with one of these design tools.

Dremel Accessories

Dremel Accessories

Dremel offers you a wide variety of high quality accessories for different applications.

Dremel Support

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