Dremel 3D40 idea builder in education

3D Printing For Your Classroom

Teach your student skills they need for the future

Why Choose Dremel for Your Classroom?

Dremel 3D40 educational uses

Teach Your Student Skills They Need For The Future

Collaboration – Working in groups to conceptualise, design and prepare models in 3D strengthens collaboration skills.

Communication – 3D printing allows students to develop communication skills by working in teams to overcome milestones in the development of their 3D project.

Critical Thinking – Empower students to develop their problem solving skills by taking them through the refinement process of prototyping a 3D design in a hands-on learning approach.

Creativity – Allow students to be creative and develop their ideas then bring them to life using the Dremel 3D printer.

21st Century Learning: Hands On Learning - Dan Rice

Make A Difference With Dremel

Dremel 3D40 in education using software

Worried about the costs?

We understand that schools and teachers must use their budgets carefully. That is why Dremel DigiLab offers a mature product suite that combines safety, ease of use, versatility and reliability at a price that is cost effective for schools.

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Inspire Young Minds

3D printers have a positive influence on engagement across a wide range of subjects. Dremel DigiLab has materials to help guide and support teachers to get started with 3D printers so you can inspire students as well as practical advice to help teachers make the most of practical adoption.

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Build a Reliable and Safe Maker Space

Dremel have over 80 years experience as a manufacturer for technology. One of the few manufacturers to offer both schools a full UL safety certification and one year warranty. The Dremel 3D40 and 3D45 models print in a fully enclosed ensuring safety and reducing noise and eliminating printing fumes.

Ready to Use Curriculum with 3D Print Models.

Dremel 3D Lesson Plans

Written by actual teachers and subject matter experts, Dremel 3D curriculum-based lesson plans give you an easy on-boarding start with 3D printing in your school.
These instructional guides will allow educators to get 3D printing integrated into classroom learning right out of the box.

All of the specially designed lesson plans come with:

  • 3D model files
  • Teacher guide
  • Student hand out
  • Instruction guide

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Dremel Lesson Plans
Explore our lesson plans that you can obtain upon purchase of your Dremel 3D printer or upon special request.
Dremel 3D printed pencil catatpult using Dremel filament
Pencil Catapult Kit

Dremel 3D printed pythagorean proof using Dremel filament
Pythagorean Proof Kit

Dremel 3D printed punnett square dice using Dremel filament
Punnett Square kit

Dremel 3D printed measuring precision using Dremel filament
Measurements Kit

Dremel 3D printed coriolis effect using Dremel filament
Coriolis Effect Kit

Dremel 3D printed blue loaded dice using Dremel filament
Loaded Dice Kit

Dremel 3D printed ballista force generator using Dremel filament
Ballista kit

Dremel 3D printed moth selection using Dremel filament
Moths Kit

Dremel 3D Cell Formation sheet
Cell Transformation Kit

Dremel 3D printed green and white pencil quadrant using Dremel filament
Quadrant Method Kit

Dremel Partners with MyStemKits.com

Watch this video to learn more about the partnership between Dremel and MyStemKits.com. For more ready to use curriculum, visit:



Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-use app for 3D design, electronics, and coding. It's used by teachers, kids, hobbyists, and designers to imagine, design, and make anything!

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Dremel 3D40 Idea builder in classroom

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