How to make an engraved photo frame

Looking for a DIY gift to make your loved feel special?
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Photos are one of the most personal things we can keep. Whether it's a favourite photo of a loved one, a photo from a trip together or one that reminds you of a special moment with someone, what better gift than to record these moments by engraving a photo frame?. Follow our step-by-step article, get your engraving skills going and bring the biggest of the smiles to someone.

You need

Engrave the outlines and details of the photo

Engraving the outlines and details of the photo with the Dremel Stylo+ 2050 and a engraving diamond bit (7103)

You need:

Place the reference photo underneath the glass and secure the edges of the glass to the background so it doesn’t move while you are working with it. Grab your Dremel® Stylo+ 2050 and using the Diamond Wheel Point (105), carefully start engraving the outlines of the photo. Make sure you are wearing your safety goggles during the engraving. Once the outlines are engraved, you can continue engraving without the photo reference, so feel free to remove this one and refine the details that will complete the photo.


Complete the frame

Put the frame together and have a look at the final result!

You need:

Now it’s time to put it all together and see how the final result looks like. Put the glass and the dark background into the frame and place the back cover of the frame on top, making sure its well-placed so the background doesn’t fall. Finished! Time to bring a smile to someone’s face with this personal gift.