Create a stunning Springtime Dining Table

How to create a stunning springtime dining table

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    Let's go - step by step


    Apply self-adhesive copper tape around the edges of the plate

    You need:

    Apply self-adhesive copper tape around the edges of +/- forty 20 x 10mm mosaic tiles (for a 30 cm carver plate). Then apply two strips of copper tape around the edge of the carver plate, spacing them 20mm apart. Burnish the tape smooth using a bone folder or the back of a teaspoon. Glue the mosaics around the plate so that the top and bottom edges touch the tapes, spacing the mosaics randomly as shown.


    Use the Versaflame and soldering tip to solder around the pieces of mosaic

    You need:

    Then, using the Versaflame and soldering tip, solder around the individual pieces of mosaic, and around the rim twice to cover the copper tape.


    Take your Dremel tool and engrave lines between mosaic tiles

    You need:

    Then, take your Dremel Engraver and engrave lines in between the mosaic tiles, containing them within the border and positioning them randomly as shown.