Create this amazing centerpiece for your festive table…

How to create a centerpiece for your festive table

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    Let's go - step by step


    Using Flexshaft and Dremel 3000 with 7105 bit engrave on baubles

    You need:

    Fold your soft cloth or towel to create a cushioned surface and place the clear glass bauble down on top of it. Take your Dremel® 3000 with the Flexshaft attached and insert the Diamond Wheel Engraving Point 7105 and engrave a series of larger and smaller snowflake motifs randomly around the bauble, leaving gaps in-between the designs. You need to be very delicate indeed and under no circumstances should you press on the surface or you will shatter the fragile glass bauble. Be sure to wear your Dremel eye safety goggles.


    Use Dremel Glue gun to draw snowflake motif in-between engraved bits

    You need:

    Fit a 7 mm clear glue stick into the dual temperature Glue Gun 930 and place it in position on your Dremel Glue Mat. Switch the gun to the cool heat setting before leaving the gun to warm up. Then use your Dremel Glue Gun 930 to draw a delicate snowflake motif in-between the engraved snowflakes.


    Whilst glue is warm, sprinkle glitter over tacky glue

    You need:

    Working quickly so that the glue remains sticky, lay your Dremel Glue Gun 930 safely on the Dremel Glue Mat and, holding the bauble over the glass bowl with the white glitter, use the spoon to sprinkle glitter onto the tacky glue. Ensure the entire motif is covered in glitter before very gently tapping the excess off back onto the plate.


    Use silver glitter glue GG04 to further enhance baubles

    You need:

    Allow the Dremel Glue Gun 930 time to cool down then fit it with a silver glitter glue stick. With your Glue Gun set to the cool temperature, apply silver glitter glue to further enhance and embellish the engraved and glittered motifs using the finished picture as a guide. Hang up the finished bauble.