Give it a Twist: Upcycle a Kitchen Cabinet into an Activity Table for Kids

Upcycle a Kitchen Cabinet into an Activity Table for Kids

From toddlers to pre-schoolers: keep your kids entertained for hours with this upcycled wooden activity table that is both stunning and practical. We truly can’t think of anything more fulfilling than making things for your little ones with your own two hands and a Dremel. In this inspirational video, we’ll show you how to upcycle a kitchen cabinet into a play table for kids. The rectangular chalkboard lid provides a spacious surface; perfect for creative projects like drawing or playing with toys. Don’t worry – it’s even ingeniously built to be clutter proof as well! We’ve equipped it with a hidden compartment where toys and art supplies can be stored. We also added a soft leather handle and some spring hinges to make sure the lid stays open safely when needed. What more could you wish for from an activity table? Go ahead – grab your trusty Dremel Multi-Tool, watch the video for inspiration and get started on this fun upcycling project!

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