Glass Candle Holder

How to make a glass candle holder

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    Place the design inside the glass and hold with black felt

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    First of all, remove any grease marks by washing the glass in warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly. Our glass is 7cm high x 7cm diameter. Almost any glass is suitable but for the best effect, we suggest using a coloured or frosted glass. Draw a simple design on paper. We’ve chosen butterflies but a leaf or flower design would work just as well. Place the design inside the glass and hold in place with some black felt. You should be able to see the design clearly through the glass.


    Use Dremel Rotary-Tool to engrave design on the glass

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    Now set the DREMEL ® Engraver on speed 1. Hold the tool at a slight angle as if you’re working with a pencil and engrave the glass along the outline of your design. There’s no need to apply pressure, just position the tip accurately on the glass and move steadily along the outline. When complete, remove the paper and place the felt back inside the glass. This will help you see any gaps in the outline.


    Fill in the design with parallel lines close together

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    Fill in the design by engraving with parallel lines positioned as closely together as possible. Work patiently in this way until the whole design is covered and then use a burnishing head to smooth the engraving to a neat and professional finish.


    Butterfly engraved glass candle holder

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    Finished Project