How to make a teapot warmer for a tea or coffee pot

A teapot warmer for a tea or coffee pot
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A good start to the day begins with a warm coffee or tea. But as quickly as it's hot, it's cold again. Make your own DIY teapot warmer in just a few steps with the Dremel 8260 and the appropriate attachments and accessories to keep your pot warm. Plus, the teapot warmer also makes a great home decor accessory or a lovely gift for your loved ones! - You can complete this project in just three steps.

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Let's go - step by step


Build substructure from wooden sticks

Initially, you have to build a wooden substructure as a base for the teapot warmer

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The substructure is created from square wooden strips with 1 cm edge length. For this purpose, 18 pieces with a length of 11 cm are cut to size. Since the wooden strips are very thin, you can ideally use our Wood Cutting Wheel (SC544) for this purpose. Afterwards, the sticks can be sanded smoothly with the Finishing Abrasive Buffs of the MAX accessories (S511DM). Next, the sticks are fixed on top of each other with wooden glue. To do this, always glue two in alternation so that they form a tower. If some edges overlap after drying, they can be straightened with the MAX Accessorie Sanding Band (408DM).


Drill holes in ceramic plate

The ceramic plate is processed with the diamond glass drilling bits 662 & 663

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After you have picked out a ceramic plate, the next step is to drill holes in it. The diamond glass drilling bits 662 & 663 are best suitable for this purpose. Take your time, let the accessories do the work (i.e. do not press too strongly) and cool the drilling bits and the plate sufficiently with water. This will give you the best result. Also, always set the drill carefully at a 45° angle. After drilling, the holes can be smoothed with the silicon carbide grinding stone (83322) so that the plate looks as aesthetic as possible.


Place wooden structure and plate on top of each other

At the end the teapot warmer is combined from both parts

You need:

If you've done the first two steps, then you're pretty much done! The only thing that is missing now is a tea light as a heat source. Place it in the wooden tower and then place the ceramic plate on the substructure. You should never leave the teapot unsupervised because of the open flame. In addition, the tealight should ideally be positioned in a small jar.

- Et voila, your own teapot warmer is ready and your tea/coffee will not get cold so quickly anymore 😊 Very simple, isn't it?