Terracotta Painted Pots

How to create terracotta painted pots

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    Let's go - step by step


    Paint the pot with two coats of paint

    You need:

    Paint the pot with the paint, using two coats of paint if necessary, and leave to dry completely.


    Draw your design onto the pot using a pencil

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    Draw your design onto the pot using the pencil. Try to keep the lines quite faint. Use an eraser to remove any mistakes.


    Using a Dremel Rotary-Tool engrave over the pencil lines

    You need:

    Follow the pencil lines on the pot using the Dremel 300 Series with a diamond wheel point 7105. It is a good idea to practise on a spare pot (or use the base) before you start the final design. Brush off any dust with a soft, dry paintbrush.


    Finished Project

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    Finished Project