Shopping Guide: 8 Indispensable Tools to Create Crafts for Kids

Cosplayer Wayne from Wayne’s Workshop is testing his technique on a scrap piece of material, using a Dremel Multi-Tool 8220 in combination with the Flexible Shaft.

Whether you’re a parent, family member or neighbour, making a child you love smile is one of the best things in life. No wonder so many of us delight in DIY projects for kids! There are hundreds of unique, eye-catching craft ideas for kids out there. With these 8 helpful tools in your toolbox, you can pull off any project you set your mind to. For example, you could use a woodworking kit to engrave a customised design onto a baby bed, some cutting discs to upcycle toy animals into a coat rack or a power cleaner to do any heavy-duty cleaning afterwards. With these 8 dependable Dremel products, no task will be too big or too delicate for you.

Dremel® 4250 Multi-Tool

Upcycle a cabinet by sanding with Dremel 4250

Once you get into DIY for kids, a world of exciting projects opens up to you. With the latest addition to the Dremel family, the high-performance corded 4250 Multi-Tool, you come prepared. Whether you’re cutting wood to make toy animals, engraving a baby cot with a custom design or sanding the handle of a homemade noisemaker, the 4250 offers both power and precision. This treasure of a tool comes with your choice of all-purpose accessories that are easy to swap thanks to the EZ Twist nose cap’s integrated wrench.


DREMEL® VersaTip (2000-6)

Cut the cord of a pull-string toy to length with a Dremel VersaTip (2000-6) and you’ll stop the ends from fraying

This easy-to-handle multi-tasking tool will help you dot the i’s and cross the t’s when working on any craft idea for kids, from easy to intricate. The VersaTip has a whopping 6 uses up its sleeve: soldering, melting, hot cutting, shrinking, wood-burning and paint removal. It’s always ready to use – wherever, whenever – thanks to its butane gas tank and practical yet pretty case. The wide range of accessories that can be used with the VersaTip are easily interchangeable.


DREMEL® Glue Gun (930)

Easy craft idea for kids: create 3D ornaments with a Dremel Glue Gun (930) and a silicone ice cube tray or candy mould

There are glue guns and then there’s the Dremel Glue Gun (930). With its dual temperature setting, drip control and comfortable ergonomic grip, it’s grand for gluing, sensational for sealing and outstanding for sculpting ornaments. Ideal for literally hundreds of easy craft ideas for kids to make at home, this glue gun is a must-have for your toolbox. How about making a wizard’s wand out of chopsticks, creating 3D embellishments or crafting your own jewellery? Thanks to Dremel’s coloured glue sticks, kids will love getting stuck in too.


DREMEL® EZ SpeedClic: Diamond Cutting Wheel (SC545DM)

Cutting hard materials is easy with Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic Diamond Cutting Wheel (SC545DM)

If the handmade piece for kids you’re about to get stuck into involves cutting hard materials – ceramics, epoxy, brick, soft and hard wood, for instance – the Dremel EZ SpeedClic Diamond Cutting Wheel (SC545DM) is a safe bet. Completely covered in fine diamond particles, this cutting wheel is durable, stable and precise to boot. Your cuts will be smooth and fine, while changing the wheel will be super straightforward, thanks to the EZ SpeedClic mechanism. No key needed! Just pull, twist and release.


EZ SpeedClic Cutting Accessory Set (SC690)

Turn your craft idea for kids into reality with Dremel’s versatile Cutting Accessory Set (SC690)

Fancy creating a homemade box kite for some fun in the sun? Whatever you’d like to craft for your kids, it’s bound to involve some form of cutting. Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic Cutting Accessory Set (SC690) meets all your cutting needs. This versatile ten-wheel selection includes all-rounders like metal cutting wheels for slicing through aluminium, copper and even hardened steel, as well as specialty thin and plastic cutting wheels. To round it off nicely, the set includes an EZ SpeedClic Mandrel for quick, easy and keyless accessory changes.


DREMEL® Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565)

Dremel’s Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565) is indispensable when cutting out freehand designs

If your DIY project for kids involves bringing freehand designs to life, Dremel’s Multipurpose Cutting Kit is the accessory for you. Whatever shape you’re after, from miniature animals to a handle opening for a toy treasure chest, the sturdy yet lightweight cutting kit gives you the freedom to follow your own design in a controlled, stable and smooth way. Its large windows provide an excellent view of your work surface and the set is compatible with all sorts of spiral cutting bits, enabling you to work with a range of different materials, such as wood, plasterboard and plastic.


Woodworking Set (681)

The drill bit in Dremel’s Woodworking Set (681) will come in handy in a whole range of DIY projects

When you’re crafting DIY toys for kids, wood is the way to go. Wooden toys are trendy yet timeless. Plus, they’re more durable, more biodegradable and can be more easily recycled than plastic toys. With Dremel’s wonderful Woodworking Set (681), the possibilities for making your own toys are endless – from cutting to drilling, from engraving to sanding. Why not make a cool kiddie coat rack or a snake jigsaw puzzle? Whatever DIY project you go for, you’re sure to thrill your kids.


DREMEL® Versa (PC10-1/10)

Have your kids been a little too excited when crafting? Then Dremel’s Versa (PC10-1/10) is the right cleaning tool for you.

It’s a well-known fact of life: kids are a messy bunch. Having great fun often involves them leaving a trail of sticky fingerprints, drawing on walls and running into the house with muddy shoes on. Luckily there’s Versa, Dremel’s high speed power cleaner and your best friend when it comes to cleaning. It scrubs, wipes and brushes away dirt, so you don’t have to. The USB fast-charging lithium-ion battery ensures portability and cordless use, while a splash guard keeps the dirt from ending up on you as you handle the device. Great news: the Versa is perfect for all kinds of other wet and dry-cleaning jobs too.