DREMEL® Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565)

DREMEL® Multipurpose Cutting Kit
DREMEL® Multipurpose Cutting Kit
Cut out any shape in a variety of materials while having full control
  • Make freehand, controlled cuts of any shape in a wide range of materials, such as laminate, drywall, wood, fiberglass and more.
  • Get precise cuts thanks to the adjustable depth control up to 19mm.
  • Have full control over your cut and workpiece allowed by the large windows in the cutting guide.
  • Ideal for creating name signs, installing electrical boxes and light fixtures or shaping laminate.
  • Contents: 1x Cutting Guide, 2x Drywall cutting accessories (560), 1x Multipurpose cutting accessory (561), 1x quick start guide/ manual.

Product description

What can you do with it?
The Dremel Multipurpose Cutting Kit extends the use of your Dremel Rotary-Tool by adding the freedom of cutting into a wide range of materials. The cutting guide gives you the ability to make controlled, freehand cuts of any shape. Make consistent and smooth cuts for creating name signs, installing electrical boxes and light fixtures or shaping laminate.
The included high speed, multipurpose cutting accessories (560) and (561), allow you to cut into a number of different materials such as laminate, plastic, drywall, fiberglass and more. The cutting guide is made of a sturdy and lightweight plastic which ensures great stability for your freehand cuts and prevents you from damaging your workpiece or surface. Easily set your desired depth up to 19mm on the cutting guide.
How to use?
Insert and tighten your chosen accessory before screwing on the cutting guide to your Dremel Rotary-Tool. Adjust the depth and simply plunge into your material using 2 hands. For the best cut and maximum safety always pull your Dremel Rotary-Tool towards you and use the large windows on the cutting guide to never lose sight of your workpiece.
To ensure a clean and smooth cut, use the cutting accessories at a high RPM. Use the (560) accessory for cutting into drywall without damaging your electric wires thanks to its blunt edges.

Masters all types of applications.

Technical details for DREMEL® Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565)

Technical specifications
Working length
19,0 mm
16.9 cm
7 cm
10.8 cm


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Delivery details: DREMEL® Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565)
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Cutting Guide
2 Drywall Cutting Bits 560
1 Multipurpose Cutting Bit 561
Product box length, 9 cm
Product box height, 12 cm
Product box width, 6 cm
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Download User manual

Download User manual