Dremel (575)

Attachments to Reach

Dremel (575)

Attachments to Reach

Dremel (575)

Get the right angle to tackle the hard-to-reach places

  • Get all the uses of your Dremel Rotary-Tool in tight, small spaces with 12, easy to change directions.
  • The fixed 90°, angled head of the attachment keeps the tool sturdy as well as provides visibility to your workpiece or surface.
  • Attaches to your Rotary-Tool in a few simple steps to allow you to jump in to your projects quickly.
  • The compact and strong design adds minimal weight to your Dremel Rotary-Tool ensuring a similar feel when using.
  • Contents: 1x Right angle attachment, 1x Driver cap, 1x quick start guide/ manual.

Product description

What can you do with it?

Get into those hard-to-reach areas by using the Right Angle attachment in combination with your Dremel Rotary-Tool while cutting, drilling, grinding and more. You can reach almost all awkward positions thanks to the coupling system which enables to use it in 12 different directions. Just screw on the Right Angle attachment with the quick connect system onto your Rotary-Tool and you're good to go. The durable design with ball bearing and spiral bevel ensures smooth and cool operations, project after project.

How to use?

Unscrew the collet and remove the collet nut from your Dremel Rotary-Tool. Screw on the included drive cap before mounting the Right Angle attachment. Easily install the collet and collet nut onto the Right Angle attachment and insert your chosen Dremel accessory. Tighten, choose your preferred angle and start cutting, sanding, grinding, drilling and more in the hard-to-reach area.

8.5 cm
3 cm
6 cm

Suitable Dremel devices

Rotary Tools
DREMEL® 4000 (4000-3/36)
DREMEL® 200 Series (200-2/30)
DREMEL® 8220 (8220-1/28)
DREMEL® 4000 (4000-4/50)
DREMEL® 3000 (3000-1/26)
DREMEL® Lite (7760-15)
DREMEL® 8260 (8260-5)
DREMEL® 4250 (4250-35A)
DREMEL® 8240 (8240-5A)
DREMEL® 4250 (4250-3/50)
Retired Products
DREMEL® 4300 (4300-5/50)

Ordering information

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Download User manual
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DREMEL® Right Angle Attachment

DREMEL® Right Angle Attachment (575)

Delivery details
  • Right Angle Attachment
  • Driver Cap
  • Product box length, 9 cm
  • Product box height, 12 cm