High Speed Cutter (191 AU)

High Speed Cutter
High Speed Cutter
High Speed Cutter High Speed Cutter
Medium sized ball shaped head. Carve and engrave in e.g. wood

Product description

What can you do with it?
High Speed Cutters work well for material removal in applications like shaping, carving, engraving, hollowing, grooving, slotting, inlaying making tapered holes or freehand routing. Tip: see the icon image or video for the result in the material.
How to use?
Use the sides of the head for an effective result. Most used grip for this accessory is the pencil grip.
A less aggressive, more frequent pass will always produce better results than pushing too hard or forcing the tool through the material Use it at an angle less than 90' Advised Attachment: FLEXIBLE SHAFT (225); FLEX-SHAFT TOOL HOLDER (2222); DETAILER'S GRIP ATTACHMENT (577); MULTI-VISE (2500)
Materials to use on
This accessory works best on softer materials like wood, plastic and soft metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass. See the extensive List of materials in the images below
Recommended speed
Aluminium 30.000
Brass 30.000
Copper 30.000
Hardwood 35.000
Softwood 20-25.000
Plastic 35.000
Steel 20-25.000

Technical details for High Speed Cutter (191 AU)

  • Veneered woods Veneered woods
  • Softwood Softwood
  • Leather Leather
  • Plywood Plywood
  • Laminates Laminates
  • Chipboard Chipboard
  • Brick Brick
  • Drywall/Plasterboard Drywall/Plasterboard
  • Aerated Concrete Aerated Concrete
  • Hardwood Hardwood
  • Soft Metal Soft Metal
  • Rubber Rubber
  • Plastic Plastic
  • Plexiglass Plexiglass
  • Carbon Carbon
Technical specifications
Shank diameter
3,2 mm
Working diameter
4,8 mm
Maximum RPM
30.000 1/min
Package Contents
1 piece
Delivery details: High Speed Cutter (191 AU)
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Product box length, 1.3 cm
Product box height, 10 cm
Product box width, 5 cm
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