Versa Extreme Scour Pad (PC368-3)

Versa Extreme Scour Pad
Versa Extreme Scour Pad
The Extreme Scour Pad is perfect for cutting through and removing tough stuck-on messes.
  • The Extreme Scour pad is ideal for eliminating burnt-on food from cast iron pans and grates, removing rust and paint from metal, eradicating rust and discolouration from concrete and conquering mould/mildew on stone.
  • Thanks to it’s Silicon Carbide surface, you can quickly cut through and remove tough messes allowing you to tackle jobs that normally require more elbow grease. Clean more with less effort.
  • Usable in dry and wet applications, perfect for indoor and outdoor tough cleaning jobs.
  • Easily attach the Extreme Scour Pad onto the backing pad of your Dremel Versa to start.
  • The Extreme Scour pad has high scrubbing power to help remove those tough stains whilst still getting multiple uses from 1 pad.

Product description

Tackle the removal of burnt-on food on cast iron pans and remove rust or stock with ease with the Extreme Scour Pad. The cleaning pad made of Silicon Carbide lets you quickly cut through and remove tough stuck-on messes. Usable in both dry and wet applications, the pad is great for deep cleaning indoors and outdoors. Clean more with less effort, thanks to its large surface area and your Dremel® Versa’s high rotation speed minimizing time and effort spent on scrubbing tasks. *Not recommended for aluminium, stainless steel, copper, coated nonstick cookware, non-tempered glass or aquarium as it will scratch the surface.

Technical details for Versa Extreme Scour Pad (PC368-3)

Technical specifications
Working diameter
63,5 mm
63,5 mm
Maximum RPM
2.200 1/min
Package Contents
3 pieces
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3x PC368
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