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Disco de lixa DREMEL® EZ Lock (EZ413)

Disco de lixa DREMEL® EZ Lock
Disco de lixa DREMEL® EZ Lock
Easy to change disks for flat and edge sanding of e.g. wood

Product description

What can you do with it?
Common uses for the Dremel sanding disc include smoothing and shaping wood or removing paint. is great for (smooth) flat and edge sanding of soft materials such as wood and fiberglass Dremel sanding discs have a finer grit than Dremel sanding bands. Also used for rust removal
The lower the grit, the more material removal.
The EZ411 (grit: 60) and EZ413 (grit: 240) are from the Dremel Exclusive EZ Lock family. This makes accessory changes easy as PULL - TWIST - RELEASE.
How to use?
These discs are best used with the Dremel tool facing towards the work piece, and are flexible to accommodate for any curves on the project. We recommend using mainly the center of the disc for maximum results.
Sanding discs will wear out and are replaceable by removing the mandrel.
Materials to use on
These disks can be used to sand / smooth softer materials like hardwood, softwood, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum but also for rust removal of metal types, like steel.
Can shape rubber surfaces
Recommended speed
Hardwood 10-35000
Softwood 10-35000
Aluminium 35000
Brass 35000
Copper 25-35000
Plastic 10-20000

Exemplo de uso

Detalhes técnicos para Disco de lixa DREMEL® EZ Lock (EZ413)

  • Material composto Material composto
  • Geral para aço Geral para aço
  • Tubos de metal Tubos de metal
  • Madeiras laminadas Madeiras laminadas
  • Plástico Plástico
  • Latão Latão
  • Cobre Cobre
  • Alumínio Alumínio
  • Madeira macia Madeira macia
  • Metal macio Metal macio
  • Placa de fibra Placa de fibra
  • Laminados Laminados
  • Contraplacado de madeira Contraplacado de madeira
  • Madeira dura Madeira dura
  • Painéis de aglomerado de madeira Painéis de aglomerado de madeira
  • Mandril Mandril
  • rpm rpm
Especificações técnicas
Diâmetro da haste
3,2 mm
Diâmetro de trabalho
30,0 mm
32,0 mm
Conteúdo da embalagem
5 unidades


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