Dremel 8260

Connected + Cordless

The smartest rotary tool ever

Dremel 7350

Dremel 7350

Easy as Fetch

Dremel 8260

Dremel 8260

The Smartest Rotary Tool Ever.

Dremel 8260

Don’t shelf that

You got this

Dremel 8260

One project at a time

You got this

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Compact Saws

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Home Solutions

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Butane Torches


Explore projects handcrafted by your fellow makers who use Dremel tools for creating exciting and innovative DIY projects.

Profile image of Dorota Chwal

Dorota Chwal

Dorota loves giving life to used materials and creating new, unique items from objects intended to be thrown away.

Dremel Maker Daan Borsje

Daan Borsje

Meet Daan Borsje, owner of Moto Adonis. Daan has been specializing in building and designing customs bikes since 2012.

Dremel maker Harry Arling

Harry Arling

Harry Arling is an artist through and through: a true creative. He is also a huge fan of Dremel. So, it is high time to ask him some questions!

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Dremel App

Control, monitor & manage your rotating Multi-Tool through the Dremel App.

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