Around the House: DIY Fix-Ups

Dremel Cleaning Projects Overview

The weather outside may be frightful, but that just means more time to tackle those indoor DIY projects. These easy DIY fix-ups will make your house look extra special for all those holiday guests!

Project 1: Sink Refresher

Polished Sink

Refresh your bathroom by redoing the caulk around the sink. Over time, silicone caulk can peel, crack and turn yellow. Use your Dremel Multi-Max MM30 equipped with the MM610 Flexible Scraper Blade to give your sink a facelift this winter. Find instructions for this great weekend project here

Project 2: Sparkling Stovetop

Dremel Rotary Tool Rust Removal

Brighten up your kitchen without buying shiny new appliances. If your stovetop is starting to look a little old, pull out your Dremel rotary tool to bring back the sparkle. With the Dremel 4000404 Nylon Bristle Brush422 Felt Polishing Cone421 Polishing Compound and an old rag, you can give new life to an older appliance. See full instructions here

Project 3: Removing Grout

Dremel MultiMax Removing Grout

Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, grimy grout is an eyesore. Use your Dremel Multi-Max equipped with one of our grout removal blades to strip away unsightly grout. Watch this video tutorial for more detailed instructions and tips if you plan on tackling this project on your own.