Tool Review: Pro Tool Reviews Takes the Micro 8050 for a Spin

Pro Tool Reviews Logo with Dremel Micro

Recently, Kenny from Pro Tool Reviews tested out the latest and greatest member of the Dremel rotary tool family, the Micro 8050. Read on to see how he put the Micro to work and his thoughts.

Kenny's first test with the Micro was using the engraving tools. The Dremel Micro comes with 18 accessories, which can complete applications from sanding to cutting to engraving. The three engraving accessories that come with the Micro are the 105 Engraving Cutter, the 125 High Speed Cutter and the 191 High Speed Cutter. Kenny noted that he found his "happy place between speed and control at the 15,000 RPM setting" when engraving in both wood and metal.

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