Filament Spool Installation

Follow these steps to change or install a new filament spool in your 3D45 printer.

If changing spools from one currently installed start here. If replacing an empty spool, or loading filament into a printer with no spool skip to Step 4.

  1. Start filament load/change process by tapping “Filament“ button on touch screen. Extruder will move to front right corner of print area and extruder tip will begin to heat.
  2. After extruder stops moving, open the 3D45 Lid for better access to extruder.
  3. If existing filament is loaded, cut existing filament near extruder intake and tap the arrow button on touch screen.
  4. Thread tip of new filament through guide tube, place spool on spool holder, replace spool door by aligning locking tabs and rotating clockwise.
  5. When you place a roll of Dremel filament into the spool holder, the printer will autorecognize the filament type and adjust the printer settings to be optimized for the filament you are using (This will bypass any print settings loaded in your sliced file).
  6. Note: You have the option to enter advanced printer mode to manually alter print settings after you change filament. Please check all settings (if manually entered) as improper settings may cause prints to fail, property damage, or personal injury,
  7. If changing existing filament, 3D45 will automatically purge existing filament.
  8. When Feed Filament screen appears, tap the arrow on touch screen and thread filament coming from guide tube into extruder intake until extruder feeds through on its own.
  9. Ensure the gears inside of the extruder have properly grabbed the filament before you finish the filament change. You will feel a tug and see the filament start to feed itself into the extruder when this occurs.
  10. Filament will be drawn into the extruder and begin to exit from the hot extruder tip.
    NOTE: Your Dremel 3D45 was tested by building objects before leaving the factory. These test objects may have been made with a different filament color than you are using. Therefore, a small amount of filament may be remaining in the extruder.
  11. When new filament appears from extruder tip, tap “done“ on touch screen to complete filament load process, return to main menu, and calibrate extruder. Carefully remove excess filament without touching hot extruder tip. If necessary, carefully remove debris from extruder tip with needle nose pliers. Use extra care not to damage the extruder tip when clearing debris. Dremel 3D45 will not work properly with a damaged extruder tip and will require replacement.