Laser Cutter Is Making a Loud Noise When it Hits an Edge

1) Laser Needs to be Homed

The laser has lost it’s location and needs to be homed. This can be done by selecting “home“ on the touchscreen.

2) There's an Issue with the Tube Guard

If the tube guard isn’t installed properly it will impede the homing sensors from working properly. Double check that the holes in the guard align with the locating pins on the bottom of th laser bed.

3) Check the Air Hose

Double check that the air tube isn’t sticking out too far, preventing the laser head from reaching the homing switch. If so, shorten the hose slightly by pulling it up, near the top of the laser head.

4) Switch Activators May be Broken

If the above didn’t eliminate the noise, it’s possible one or more of your location switches are bent. Check your location switches to make sure they’re not bent. If they’re not bent, they’re likely broken. Contact Customer Service at 1-844-437-6533 for more information.