Christmas Napkin Ring

How to create a Christmas napkin ring

    Napkin rings you have decorated yourself are guaranteed to be an eye catcher on every festively laid Christmas table, be they decorated with glitter stars or in red and white like candy canes or sticks of rock. With the right tools you can make in just a few steps something that corresponds to your personal style and subtly draws attention to the napkins on the festive table. Merry Christmas one and all!

    You need

    Choose your favorite color and start spraying the wooden ring

    You need:

    You start by spraying paint- and plenty of it. Choose your favorite color and give the wooden napkin rings a new skin. Spray-painting applies the paint evenly. Then leave everything to dry.


    Draw diagonal lines and apply embossing glue to every other space

    You need:

    Here is how to make a success of the candy cane look. Carefully draw diagonal lines about half an inch apart on the napkin ring with a pencil. With a thin brush apply embossing glue to every other intermediate space.


    Sprinkle embossing powder to where you applied the glue

    You need:

    Now sprinkle embossing powder on the intermediate space to which you have applied the glue. Loose powder can simply be removed using a clean brush.


    Heat the powder with a Dremel VersaTip until it turns liquid

    You need:

    Then heat the powder with the Dremel® VersaTip's hot air blower nozzle until it turns liquid. Once it has cooled down, it sticks to the ring firmly and securely.


    Create more with Hotfix rhinestones or pyrography

    Create more with Hotfix rhinestones or pyrography

    You need:

    Dremel creative tip: There are no limits to where your imagination can take you in decorating the napkin rings. If you prefer glitter, place Hotfix rhinestones where you want them on the ring using tweezers and fix them precisely with the Dremel® VersaTip and the soldering tip. It heats the glue on the back of the stones until they are firmly attached to the wooden ring. Creative wood burning patterns on the wood are an alternative to rhinestones and glitter and can also be done skilfully with the Dremel® VersaTip wood buring attachment.