Garage Wire Shelving

Garage Wire Shelving

  • Difficulty


Create space on your workbench by adding shelves to the walls in your garage.

You need
  • Drill
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Wire Shelving
  • Brackets
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 5

Step 1

white triangle with hand

Once you determine the placement of the shelving, begin mounting the bracket strips to the wall with a Bosch drill. Remember that the wire shelving should be longer than the length between the brackets.

Step 2 5

Step 2

measure wire shelf

Following the mounting bracket directions, secure the brackets to the strips at the height you want the shelving to sit.

Step 3 5

Step 3

dremel multimax saw the shelf

Measure and mark the wire shelving at the final length you want the shelf to be.

Step 4 5

Step 4

insert shelf

Using the Dremel Ultra-Saw and metal cutting wheel, cut the shelf on both ends.

Step 5 5

Step 5

use the space to clear up room on your workbench

Again, following the mounting bracket and shelving directions, hang the wire shelving on the brackets. Once secure, use the space to clear up room on your workbench.