Holiday Reindeer

How to make a holiday reindeer
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Construct a charming forest creature at a size that fits your space. Your reindeer can be made to any size, choose various diameter sections of tree branches or small logs. Choose larger pieces for floor-standing reindeer and smaller pieces for table-top decorations. You can find pre-dried pieces of wood at craft & hobby stores or online.

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Step 1

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We created various sized-reindeer. The following dimensions are to help guide you through making a floor-sized reindeer but you can reference these & use similar proportions when making smaller versions. • Body: 3" diameter & 14" long • Head: 2" diameter and 8" long • Legs: 1" diameter and 20" long • Neck: 1.5" diameter and 6" long For cuts in our branches under 2" in diameter we used the Dremel Saw-Max tool equipped with the SM500 Wood & Plastic Wheel. Measure & mark you cuts. Secure your log in a vice & cut along your marked line. If your log is over 3/4" in diameter, you'll need to rotate the log as you cut it. To do this, release pressure slightly so it is still secure but can be rotated. With your free hand securely holding the end of the log, turn it towards you very slowly as you cut along the marked line.


Step 2

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Next you'll need to drill a series of holes in your logs in order to assemble your reindeer: • Body: 4 to secure all legs & 1 to secure the neck • Head: 1 to secure the neck and 2 to secure the antlers Drill holes about 1.5" deep using a spade or standard bit. Diameter will vary depending on the branch size however, we recommend drilling the hole one size smaller than the branch diameter that is securing into the hole.


Step 3

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Before securing the legs, neck and antlers into their respective drilled holes, we recommend tapering the end of the branches. Use your Dremel Multi-Max tool, equipped with the MM480 Wood Flush-Cutting Blade to complete this step.


Step 4

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Finally, assemble your deer either with a dry fit for easy break down and storage after the holidays or ad a dab of wood glue in each hole before securing the pieces for an extra-sturdy hold.