How to make a portable homework kit
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Step 1

Cutting wood with Dremel Saw-Max

You need:


Begin by cutting out the bottom and sizes of the kit. You can complete all cuts using the Dremel Saw-Max and the SM500 Wood & Plastic Wheel. Measure, mark and cut the following 5 pieces: • Bottom: 12" by 4" • 2 Long Sides: 10 1/2" by 4 1/2" • 2 Short Sides: 8" by 6" Tip: In the interest of safety and accuracy, be sure to clamp your material.


Step 2

Cutting the top corners with Dremel Saw-Max

You need:


Next, cut the top corners of your two short side pieces at an angle. To draw the lines of your angle: Make a small mark an inch and 1/4 in from either side on the top Make a small mark 4 1/2" from the bottom. Then, connect each of the top marks to the bottom mark. You can make these angle cuts with the same SM500 Wood & Plastic Wheel. With your material clamped, simply follow your marked lines of cut through the notch at the front of your Saw-Max tool.


Step 3

Putting all pieces together by nailing the sides

You need:


Secure all pieces by nailing the sides together with finishing nails. For extra support, add wood glue along the seams of all sides before sinking nails in completely to the adjoining sides.


Step 4

Cutting the handle using Dremel Saw-Max

You need:


Next, cut your dowel handle to size at 12" long. Measure and mark your cut & with your dowel secure, make one quick cut across your marked line using your Dremel Saw-Max and SM500 wheel.


Step 5

Drilling the top to short sides of the homework kit

You need:


To attach your dowel rod, pre-drill the top to short sides of your homework kit. This process is easy with the Dremel 4200 and 150 Drill bit. Simply pull back the levers of the 4200, insert the bit, set your tool to high speed and sink the bit into the top of each short side of the kit. Hold the dowel securely between the two pilot holes and sink in a small wood screw through each pilot hole.


Step 6

Painting the kit

You need:


Finally, paint and personalize as desired!