How to make Laundry Basket easier

  • Difficulty


You need
  • No utilities needed
  • 3/4" thick plywood: 4'x8' board
  • 3/4" x 3/4" pine: 8' length piece (two pieces)
  • laundry baskets with lip-edged top
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 7

Step 1


Begin by determining the overall size you'll want to make your organizer. This could be dependent on your space & the size of the laundry baskets you'd like to use. As with many DremelWeekends projects, this is completely customizable to your needs! The following will be instructions to build your organizer according to our dimensions. Our organizer is a total of 32" tall, 24" wide and 17 1/4" deep. Each of our three laundry baskets were 20 1/2" wide, 17" deep and 7" tall. Once you've determined your overall height, width and depth measurements, measure and mark your cuts on your plywood panel. Secure your panel to your workbench and use your Dremel Saw-Max tool equipped with the SM500 blade to cut along your marked lines. You'll cut a total of 4 pieces, two for the top and two for the sides. Plywood Panel dimensions: Top & Bottom (2): 24 x 17 1/4" Sides (2): 32 x 17 1/4"

Step 2 7

Step 2


With your pieces cut, it is time to construct the frame. To begin, secure a piece of the 3/4" pine material, centered along each of the (shorter) 17 1/4" sides of your bottom panel 1" in from the sides.

Step 3 7

Step 3


Next, you'll secure the two side pieces to the top. To do this, flip your top over and make a series of 4 pre-drilled pilot holes along each of the 17 1/4" sides. Measure them in 1/2" from the edges and evenly space them. We drilled 4 holes along each side. We used our 4200 tool set to high speed along with the 150 drill bit to make our pilot holes.

Step 4 7

Step 4


With your top set firmly against the side piece, secure wood screws through each of the pilot holes on both sides. Next, we set the frame upright and set 4 screws into each cleat from underneath.

Step 5 7

Step 5


Next, you'll make the "drawer" supports for each of the laundry baskets. The lip of the basket will slide in-between a set of two cleats on each side. The lip of our laundry basket was just under 1/4" in thickness. Therefore, we used a scrap piece of 1/4" thick material to use as spacers to measure and mount each set of cleats. Depending on the thickness of your basket's handle or lip, you may need to adjust how far apart you space your cleats. We mounted the 2 sets of cleats 10" apart from each other to accommodate for our basket depth.

Step 6 7

Step 6


Finally, we used four pieces of 3/4" to serve as feet on the bottom of the organizer & sanded the frame smooth with our NEW Multi-Max tool MM30. Sanding a finish to the piece was easy with the NEW Multi-Max MM30. Mount the Hook & Loop Pad to the tool with the MM70W in place. Set the tool to high speed and make light passes in a circular motion across any rough areas of the frame.

Step 7 7

Step 7


Finally, paint as desired and allow to dry completely!