How to create your own photo puzzle
  • Difficulty

Create a memorable, giftable photo puzzle using the New Dremel® Moto-Saw™! It is as fun to make as it is to give.

You need

Step 1

Spray mount to panel

You need:

Begin by selecting a template for your puzzle. You can create one of your own or download our design on the Getting Started tab. Once you have your template printed or drawn out, spray mount it to your MDF panel. Tip: Before mounting your template, cut your MDF board to size. You can accomplish this cut quickly and easily with a Dremel Saw-Max and fitted with a SM500 wheel.


Step 2

Cut along template lines

You need:

Secure your Moto-Saw onto your worktable and lock your wood and plastic cutting blade into place. Set your MDF board under the foot, lower the foot of your tool and plug it in. Turn the Moto-Saw on and cut along the template lines, cutting through the paper and MDF.


Step 3

Trace puzzle pieces

You need:

Place your printed photo face-down and assemble the puzzle pieces you just cut onto the top of the back of the photo. Trace each piece of the puzzle along the back-side of your photo. Use a razor knife to cut along your outlines.


Step 4

Glue MDF pieces onto puzzle pieces

You need:

Remove the template paper from your MDF pieces. Brush each puzzle piece with Mod Podge®. Adhere the photo cut-out to each piece and brush the top of each photo with Mod Podge®. Let the pieces dry completely and enjoy!