Planter Box
  • Difficulty


Create your own garden oasis - anywhere.

You need

Step 1

Cut Dowels with Dremel Too

You need:

Cut 1" by 1" dowels to size and build the frame of your planter box (see blueprint).


Step 2

Cutting corners with Dremel Multi-Max tool

You need:

After you cut the base of your planter box to size, notch the corners - forming a right angle - 1" by 1" in each corner using a Multi-Max tool and a MM480 Flush Cutting Blade.


Step 3

Cutting cedar planks

You need:

Cut cedar planks to size and begin screwing into your frame, working from the bottom up.


Step 4

Place planks underneath base frame

You need:

Cut 1" by 1" planks at a 45 degree angle and place underneath the base for added support.