Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting
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Adding well-placed lighting can brighten up your kitchen, even making it look larger! Cutting holes in drywall for recessed lights using large hole saws can tie up a lot of money in products you'll likely only use once. Dremel is proud to introduce the new MM435 Jab Saw Blade. Used on the Multi-Max tool, this blade is perfect for making round cuts in drywall- and can do it at twice the speed of typical Oscillating Drywall blades!

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Step 1

select the area

You need:

After you have selected the area you'd like to place your recessed lighting (over a sink, table or island are popular choices), check to make sure your light will clear ceiling joists and that you won't encounter any other surprises while making your cut. Mark a circle on the ceiling where you'd like to locate your cut. We traced the outline of our fixture to mark our cut. TIP: Read all safety and installation instructions on your lighting. Additionally, make sure to follow all electrical safety rules like making sure the power is off and adhere to your local code specifications when handling wiring.


Step 2

Use Multimax at angle and cut along the circle

You need:

Mount the MM435 accessory onto your tool. You will note that the tool is set at a slight offset. This is to ensure that you are getting the optimum angle for the best cut. Set your tool to high speed and plunge right in along your mark. Notice how easily the tool plunges! Work slowly around the circle. You may need to re-position your hands while you are coming around the final portion of your cut. The drywall plug may not fall completely out once you have completed your cut, so you may need to pull it out.


Step 3

Place fixture into the hole and caulk around it for a snug fit

You need:

Place your fixture into the newly cut hole. You may want to caulk around the fixture for the surest fit.


Step 4

Insert fixture trim to complete

You need:

Finish your newly cut hole with your recessed trim. Refer to this link from Dremel DIY Guides on how to pull cable through your ceiling to bring electricity to your new lighting.