Ring Toss Game

Children playing ring toss game.
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Need a new game that's fun for all ages? This ring toss game is a family favorite that is quick and easy to put together with a couple of materials and your favorite Dremel tools!

You need

Step 1

Create a stake at bottom to make them easier to ground

You need:


To get started you'll need to cut your wooden dowel stakes. Here you can cut as many as you'd like at varying heights. If you're following our game set-up we recommend you cut: • 1 - 26" (three point) • 2 - 22" (two points) • 3 - 18" (one point) Measure and mark your cuts. Secure your dowel rods in a vice or hold them firmly against a lip on your workspace. We created a lip by clamping a scrap piece of 2x4 to our workbench. Using your Dremel Saw-Max fit with a SM500 wheel, cut along your marked line. The Saw-Max tool has a depth of cut at 3/4" so you may need to rotate the dowel slightly towards you as you complete each cut.


Step 2

Masking tape to highlight areas to paint

You need:


Once your dowels are cut to length, make them easier to drive into the ground by making a point at one end. While still holding your dowel firm, angle the Saw-Max tool to create a stake-style about 1/2" from the bottom of one end, and complete two quick angled cuts on each side of that end of the dowel.


Step 3

paint the dowel-stands that will string onto your rings

You need:


Next, use masking tape to mark off the area of your dowels you'd like to paint. The paint color of each dowel will signify the number of points they are worth. We used the following color-point system: • 1 - 26" (three point): red • 2 - 22" (two points): white • 3 - 18" (one point): blue


Step 4

cut 6 pieces of rope to a length of 18inch each

You need:


Now it is time to create your rings. First, paint your dowel-stands that will string onto your rings. We used a total of 36 dowel-stands for our game, 18 painted red and 18 painted blue for each team.


Step 5

Cutting the piece of robe.

You need:


While your dowel-stands are drying, begin cutting your pieces of rope. You'll need to cut a total of 6 pieces to a length of 18" each.


Step 6

Secure the ring ends together with hot glue
string 3 groups of 2 like-colored stands onto each thread
Secure the ring ends together with hot glue
string 3 groups of 2 like-colored stands onto each thread

You need:


Once your dowel-stands have dried, string 3 groups of 2 like-colored stands onto each thread. Adding the dowel-stands not only allows you to quickly identify teams by color but also reinforces the rings, making them a bit heavier and easier to toss. Secure each group of two dowel-stands together and secure them evenly around the ring with a dab of hot glue. Finally, secure the ring ends together with some hot glue and you're new favorite family game is complete!