Scrap Wood Valentine

re-create reclaimed scrap wood hearts


Our DremelWeekends Contributor, Pauline provided us steps to re-create her reclaimed scrap wood hearts.

You need
  • Dremel MM14 Hook and Loop Pad
  • Power Drill
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint and Paint Brush
  • Painter's Caulk
  • 1 Sheet of 1/4 Plywood
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 10

Step 1

Organizing plywood


To begin this project, I rounded up a leftover piece of quarter inch plywood to glue my scraps onto.

Step 2 10

Step 2

Other options instead of plywood


(If you don't have quarter inch plywood sitting around, here are some examples of what I have used in place of this. I never worry too much about the appearance of the bottom piece, as the painted scraps will cover it.)

Step 3 10

Step 3

Cutting up the smaller scrap pieces


Next, the smaller scrap pieces get cut up into any size/shape desired. (Moto-Saw works great for this.) I used smaller sections of the thin plywood or some old garden stakes. This is a good time to play around with paint and get a color scheme going. It's much easier to paint the scraps now, before they are glued down. After the paint dries, I distress some edges just to give definition when they are pieced together.

Step 4 10

Step 4

Tracing a heart shape onto the wood


Taking a piece of paper, a heart shape is cut out and used to trace onto the bottom sheet of wood. (This serves as a placement guide when gluing down the top scrap pieces.)

Step 5 10

Step 5

Glue pieces together


After playing around with placement and pattern, glue is applied and heavy objects and/or clamps used to secure until glue dries. (It is important to have good contact until the glue dries, so if I run out of heavy objects, I take a break and come back to it after glue sets and repeat gluing/clamping.)

Step 6 10

Step 6

Trace the heart shape onto the scrap pieces


When the glue is all dry, the paper heart cutout is used again to retrace onto the top scrap pieces.

Step 7 10

Step 7

Cutting the heart shaped trace with the Moto-Saw


Next the final heart is cut out on the Moto-Saw, by following the heart shaped trace line. (Be sure to follow safety, setup, and operating instructions included with the Moto-Saw.)

Step 8 10

Step 8

Using the Dremel Multi-Max or Dremel Rotary Tool to even the edges


After the heart is cut, edges can be evened out by using your favorite Dremel tool- the Multi-Max or any Dremel Rotary Tool.

Step 9 10

Step 9

Filling any gaps between the scraps
Filling any gaps between the scraps


Next, any gaps between the scraps can be filled with painter's caulk, and a wet rag used to wipe up any excess.

Step 10 10

Step 10

Scrap wood valentine ready
Drilling a hole for a ribbon


Finishing up, a hole is drilled for ribbon or twine. And there you have it! Write a message on the back, and you've got yourself a big, scrap wood valentine.