Sparkling Stovetop

Sparkling Stovetop
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An unsightly stove can make the most updated kitchen look outdated. You don't have to replace your stove to give it a new look. With a Dremel Rotary tool and the proper accessory you can brighten up the look of your stovetop easily. CAUTION: Make sure your oven and stove are completely turned off before you begin.

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Step 1

Removing tougher rust and build-up using Dremel Rotary tool

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After you have wiped down any excess debris on your stovetop with a rag, use your Dremel Rotary tool to begin removing tougher rust and build-up. We used a Dremel 4000 tool with a 404 Nylon Bristle Brush to get the Job Done. Make sure to set your tool speed no higher than 15,000 RPMs. The Nylon Bristle Brush is nice for this application because it can aggressively remove buildup but will not damage your stovetop if used correctly. As always, use a light touch and let the speed of the tool do the work to remove buildup. Once you have finished removing the bulk of the buildup, wipe clean with a rag.


Step 2

Removing remaining film on the stovetop

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Now it is time to remove any remaining film on your stovetop and add some shine. We used our same 4000 tool and swapped accessories for a 422 Felt Polishing Cone. With our tool on low speed, we dipped the cone into 421 Polishing Compound to deposit the compound on the accessory. Then we set our tool to 15,000 RPM (make sure not to set your speed any higher than 15,000) and began working the accessory across our stovetop. You can use any felt polishing accessory to brighten up metal surfaces. We opted for the 422 Felt Polishing wheel because we thought the shape worked nicely to get into tighter spaces.


Step 3

Shining stovetop ready to use

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Give your stovetop one more quick wipe down with the rag and enjoy cooking on your fresh new stove!