string art

  • Difficulty


Perfect for a Valentine’s Day Gift, Wedding Gift or every day decor, commemorate important places to you with this modern twist on old-fashioned string art!

You need
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • 1 ½” Finishing Nails
  • Sheet of 3/8” Plywood
  • Wood Glue
  • 1” wood screws
  • Craft string/floss
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 10

Step 1

hold in place


Measure and mark your ¼ inch plywood to the desired dimensions for the state. Cut your 1/4 inch plywood to size using the Saw-Max and SM500 Wood and Plastic Wheel. If you are mounting a heart to your piece we recommend cutting a small mounting block at this stage as well. We cut ours to 1 X 2 inches as our heart is 3 inches wide.

Step 2 10

Step 2

create heart


Using your Moto-Saw and the MS51 Wood and Plastic Wheel, cut along your state pattern. You may find it easier to clamp your plywood to your workbench and cut the state piece using the Moto-Saw in the hand-held position for this application. If desired cut your heart shape using the same technique. However, we recommend the table top position and spray mounting patterns for smaller cut-outs. Run your tool at a speed setting of 6 for this application. Remember to let the speed of the tool do the work and do not force the blade through the plywood.

Step 3 10

Step 3

cut heart out


While your Moto-Saw is still set up, this is a good time to cut your heart shape. We found it easiest to size our heart on the computer & print off the shape. Then we spray-mounted the paper onto our ¼” MDF & using the same technique as in step 2, trace along the heart outline.

Step 4 10

Step 4

sand the edges of the your pieces using your favorite Dremel Rotary Tool and a EZ407SA sanding band


If desired, sand the edges of the your pieces using your favorite Dremel Rotary Tool and a EZ407SA sanding band. Install your accessory into the tool, set the tool to a medium to high speed and lightly trace along the edge of the shape. We found it easiest to hold our tool perpendicular to the side of the shape to allow the drum to sand along the entire edge of the shape evenly.

Step 5 10

Step 5

cut a mounting square


Next, using your Dremel Saw-Max equipped with the SM500 Wood & Plastic Blade, cut a mounting square slightly smaller than the width of the heart & secure to the back of the heart. This will come in handy in the last step of the project, helping set the heart up, off of the state.

Step 6 10

Step 6

paint red
paint other pieace white


Paint the pieces your desired colors and allow them to dry completely.

Step 7 10

Step 7

trace red heart


Next, choose where you would like to place your heart. We located our heart in Racine, Wisconsin where the Dremel Brand was originally founded & where you can still contact us at Customer Service today! Wherever your heart is, trace along the outer edge and set the wooden heart aside.

Step 8 10

Step 8

place heart in middle


This is the lengthiest step in the project- adding the nails! Set nails every 2 inches apart along the border of your state. Then, set more tightly-placed nails along the outline of the heart you traced in step 7. Test to ensure your nails are securely in place by pulling up on a few nails with your fingers. If they slip out of place, you’ll either need to sink them in deeper or use wood glue for an extra-secure fit.

Step 9 10

Step 9

add string
add string


Now is the fun part! Begin by tying a knot on the outermost nail in your heart pattern. Next, run your thread up to the nearest nail along the border & loop the thread around the nail. Run the thread back down to the next nail on the heart & repeat. You may like your string pattern to be more hap-hazard than our starburst shape, in which case, loop the string around random nails along the border! We used hemp thread from the craft store and wrapped it taught around our nails. At this step you may want to employ an extra set of hands to keep the string in place during the stringing process!

Step 10 10

Step 10

string art
trace red heart


Finally, mount your heart over the nail outline. The heart will cap off the nails for a finished look. Once placed, secure your heart into place from the back of your piece using a drill & fasten picture hanging wire on the back.