Dremel Rotary Tool Accessories

Getting Started

Congratulations and welcome to the exciting world of Dremel versatile tool systems. Learn the basic concepts, terminology and operation of Dremel tools, attachments and accessories.

Changing Accessories

A collet is the most precise way to hold an accessory (bit) in a high speed rotary tool or the Dremel Trio. The collet is located underneath the collet nut, inserted in the end of the tool’s shaft.

There are 4 different sized collets available to accommodate different accessory shank sizes from 1/8 inch down to 1/32 inch. It is essential to use the correct sized collet for each accessory. The collets are marked with corresponding shank size: no rings – 1/8 inch (480), 1 ring – 1/32 inch (483), 2 rings – 1/16 inch (482), 3 rings – 3/32 inch (481).

The Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool uses a clamping screw and a washer to secure accessories onto the tool. A Hex Key wrench is used to loosen and tighten the clamping screw when installing and removing accessories.

Rotary Tool Grips

This grip offers the best control for fine detail work.

Use this grip with cutters when making longer, smoother cuts. This grip offers good control for cutting depth.

One and two hands. When you want to keep the tool parallel to the work surface for sanding or grinding, use the one-handed grip. Use the two-handed grip every time you use a cut-off wheel. Cut-off wheels can stick and cause kickback. Two hands offer better control.

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