462 Rubber Polishing Cone Point

A rounded tip polishing accessory made with blue rubber and abrasives for removing small burs and scratchmarks on ferrous metals.

    • Rubber polishing points are impregnated with abrasive and used to remove rough areas, small burrs and scratch marks
    • Ideal for cleaning and defining grooves
    • Removes small burrs and scratch marks left by grinding and sanding
    • Also effective on many stones and ceramics
User Tips
  • Polishing points can be used on ferrous materials (those that contain iron).
  • If swirls remain after polishing, finish the area with a felt polishing wheel.
  • CONTENTS: 1 Bit
  • SHANK SIZE MM: 4.2 mm
  • SHANK SIZE US: 3/32"
  • TIP SIZE MM: 6.4 mm
  • TIP SIZE US: 1/4"
* Model Number:462

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462 Rubber Polishing Cone Point

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