TR470 Trio Sanding Drum Mandrel

The TR470 drum mandrel is designed especially for use on the Dremel Trio to hold a ½” sanding band. It includes two each of the extra fine (240), fine (120), and coarse (60 grit) sanding bands. Shapes wood and sands inside of curves. Stable base of the Trio provides perfect 90° edge sanding. Three quarter inch drum length provides 50% more capacity than standard rotary tool sanding drums.

    • For rough shaping and smoothing wood.
    • Sanding bands are easily replaceable on drums
    • Excellent for sanding curves and internal radii
    • Designed for use with the Dremel Trio

  • Trio Mandrel TR407
  • 60 Grit, 120 Grit, and 240 Grit Sanding Band (2 of each grit)
User Tips
  • Note: The Dremel Trio uses only Trio accessories. Dremel rotary tool accessories are not compatible with the Trio tool.
  • BIT DIAMETER MM: 12.7 mm
  • CONTENTS: Trio Mandrel,(2) 60 Grit, (2) 120 Grit, (2) 240 Grit Sanding Bands
  • GRIT: 60,120,240
  • SHANK SIZE MM: 4.8 mm
  • SHANK SIZE US: 3/16"
* Model Number:TR470

TR470 Trio Sanding Drum Mandrel

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