TR780 5-Piece Specialty Carbide Router Bit Set

Designed to fit the Dremel Trio tool. An assortment of five high-speed, router bits made of carbide for maximum performance. Includes: roman Ogee, corner rounding, rabbet, dovetail, v-groove.

    • Ideal for routing rabbets, grooves, dovetails, and rounded corners
    • An assortment of five high-speed router bits
    • Made of carbide for maximum performance
    • Designed to fit the Dremel Trio tool

  • TR627 1/8” Carbide Roman Ogee Bit
  • TR631 1/8" Carbide Corner Rounding Bit
  • TR624 1/2" Carbide V-Groove Bit
  • TR629 3/8" Carbide Dovetail Bit
  • TR628 1/4" Carbide Rabbet Bit
User Tips
  • Secure objects to a stable surface while working.
  • If chattering occurs, increase speed.
  • Note: The Dremel Trio uses only Trio accessories. Dremel rotary tool accessories are not compatible with the Trio tool.
  • QUANTITY: 5 Pc. Set
  • SHANK SIZE MM: 4.8 mm
  • SHANK SIZE US: 3/16"
* Model Number:TR780

TR780 5-Piece Specialty Carbide Router Bit Set

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